After more than a half-century in farriery, Steve Kraus continues to earn accolades and achievements in a trade that he loves.

Cornell University has promoted the Trumansburg, N.Y., farrier to be its senior lecturer of large animal surgery in the Department of Clinical Sciences. It’s believed to be a first for any farrier in the United States to be elevated to this title.

Kraus will remain head of farrier services at Cornell’s College of Veterinary Medicine, a position that he has held since 2010.

“It’s very nice to be recognized for my accomplishments here at Cornell,” says Kraus, who supports patient needs within the Equine and Farm Animal Hospitals and operates and supervises the farrier shop and teaches farriery and veterinary students.

While the new position benefits Kraus, he sees greater implications for farriers who work in university teaching hospitals.

“This opens up that roof that has held us back a little bit,” Kraus says. “It’s good the Cornell has moved that bar higher, and included me while doing that. It helps other farriers who are working in the university teaching services. It demonstrates that Cornell University wants farriers as faculty members and accepts them that way without advanced degrees. It’s recognizing that their time in the industry is valuable.”

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Kraus, who has been shoeing horses for 54 years, holds a bachelor’s degree in animal science from Cornell’s College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. An American Farrier’s Association (AFA) certified journeyman farrier and an accredited professional farrier of the American Association of Professional Farriers, Kraus has been the farrier for all of Cornell’s equine athletic programs since 1968.

He has been a farrier consultant and innovator for Delta Mustad Hoofcare Center since 1976, developing and testing horse nails, horseshoes, tools and other hoof-care products.

Kraus has built a successful farrier practice in the Finger Lakes region where he specializes in troubleshooting underperforming horses. His client list includes hunter/jumpers, dressage and event horses, among others. He is past president of the Western New York Farriers Association and is a former member of the board of directors for region 5 of the AFA.

Kraus is an avid rider and plays outdoor polo during the summer while coaching and umpiring indoor polo at the Cornell Equestrian Center the rest of the year.

In 2016, Kraus was inducted into the International Horseshoeing Hall Of Fame at the 13th annual International Hoof-Care Summit in Cincinnati, Ohio.

“It’s a great industry and profession we have,” Kraus said during the induction ceremony. “Getting into the Hall Of Fame is such a great thing for me, because so many of my good friends who have taught me and helped me are in the Hall Of Fame, and I’m standing on their shoulders.”

Kraus is a regular contributor of American Farriers Journal and frequent speaker at the International Hoof-Care Summit.