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In this week's episode, we chat with farrier Steve Kraus.

He discusses his decades in farriery, his role in educating farriers and vet students, working as a Mustad clinician and what makes an idea an innovation.

Steve has been the head farrier of the Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine since 2010 and has been the farrier for all the equine programs in the Cornell University Athletic department, which includes the Cornell Polo Team, Equestrian Team, and Physical Education Riding Program.







The American Farriers Journal podcast is brought to you by Delta Mustad Hoofcare Center

High quality horseshoeing improves the well-being of the horse. We are engaged with continuous farrier education and product innovation. Together with farriers, riders and veterinarians new products and services are being developed. Our focus is to supply higher quality nails, shoes, and rasps for the different segments in the equine industry. The strategy behind this approach is that the higher the quality of the product, the better the work of the farrier becomes. Our Farrier and Vet tools offer us a direct and rich contact with hoof- and horsecare experts all over the world.

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