This page lists material that supplements the September/October 2016 issue of American Farriers Journal.

Shoeing For A Living: Marijke Ellert

(Supplements to the article "A Fierce Passion For Helping Horses" on Page 12.)


Gain insight on the biomechanics of mismatched feet.

(Supplement to the article "Mismatched Feet: Veterinary And Farriery Perspectives" on Page 28.)

2017 Summit Mail-In Forging Competition

Learn about the 3rd annual Summit Mail-In Forging Competition, including how to make this year's shoe and submission information.

(Supplement to the article "Hammer-Finished Mule Shoe Delivers New Challenge" on Page 44.)

Farrier Fellowship Comes To The Bluegrass State

Read more from the Forge of July.

(Supplement to the article "Making And Applying A Double Nail Package" on Page 52.)

Top 10 Web Articles Of 2016

  1. Wrongful Death Ruling Empowers Farriers
  2. Why Equine Bones Break And Tendons Rupture
  3. Back Up The Entire Foot, Not Just The Toe
  4. Legislation Provides Tax Deducations That Benefit Farriers
  5. Contrary To Popular Opinion
  6. Slick Tips For Sliding Plates
  7. Dealing With Thrush And White Line Disease
  8. Tackling Hoof Cracks
  9. Where Does The Problem Originate
  10. Days End Farm Rescues Two Horses With 3-Foot Long Hooves

(Supplement to the article "Explore The World's Largest Online Hoof-Care Library" on Page 62.)

COMING SOON: Additional Insights From The Hoof-Care Q&A

Maintainging feet that can become compromised by the effects of climate and environment can be a tough challenge. What is your strategy for getting the client's help in limiting the damage caused by heat and dampness?

(Supplement to the article "Hoof-Care Q&A" on Page 64.)

Farrier Quick Takes: Robbie Hunziker

(Supplement to the article "Forget Disciplines When Trimming" on Page 68.)