This page lists material that supplements the September/October 2017 issue of American Farriers Journal.

Reinforcing The Basics Of Horseshoeing

(Supplement to the article "Reinforcing The Basics Of Horseshoeing" on Page 18.)


Consider These Other Reasons Why A Horse Is Stumbling

(Supplement to the article "“Diplomatic Skills” Needed When Stumbling Is Due To Rider Error" on Page 32.)


From The AFJ Archives: “Structure And Function Of The Horse’s Foot”

Download a pdf of Dr. James Rooney's March 1978 article “Structure And Function Of The Horse’s Foot”

(Supplement to the article "From The AFJ Archives" on Page 34.)


The Cost Of Treating Laminitis

Gain more insight about the circumstances in which walking away from a laminitis case might be in your best interest

(Supplement to the article "The Cost Of Treating Laminitis" on Page 36.)


Read AFJ articles by and about Bob Peacock

(Supplement to the article "Remembering Bob Peacock" on Page 44.)


Learn how nutrition affects hoof health

(Supplement to the article "Old Horses, New Problems" on Page 46.)