Peter Drake

EDITOR’S NOTE: Our thoughts and prayers are with Peter Drake’s after his passing. Recently, the Camden, S.C., farrier shared a tip in an American Farriers Journal article that we would like to pass along.

My friend Ray Ashcroft, who restores Alfa Romeo automobiles, provided me with a tip years ago on the proper use of grinding or sanding discs.

He suggested envisioning that you have a third eye placed in the center of your forehead. Using that “eye,” look down and focus on one spot of that wheel rather than the entire thing.

If you try to use the entire wheel, it may get away from you. I find this gives more control and less likely to overgrind the material.

For more tips from Peter Drake, read “A Step-By-Step Process For Improving Stud Holes” in the July/August 2016 issue of American Farriers Journal.