You might find there are times when you’ll need a glove to protect your hand from heat. If so, you’ll want to be mindful of the type of glove you choose.

While demonstrating how to replace a tong rivet, Hall Of Fame farrier Roy Bloom advises using a good, quality cloth glove.

“Cotton works really well,” says the Drummond, Wis., farrier. “Use something that you can get off fast if the ends of the tongs get too hot.”

Bloom strongly suggests avoiding leather gloves.

“If leather gets to the point where it’s so hot that it burns, it can actually adhere to your skin,” he says. “When you feel the heat and it’s adhered to your skin, when you rip off the glove, it will take skin with it. Whereas with a cloth glove, it’s easily removed, but it doesn’t adhere to your skin when it gets too hot.”

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