Modifying Keg Shoes

Modifying Keg Shoes


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Get one of the most practical and useful and popular reports ever produced by the staff of American Farriers Journal.

The 48-page Modifying Keg Shoes report brings together the best stories about modifying keg shoes to ever appear in the pages of American Farriers Journal. Featuring expert advice from International Horseshoeing Hall Of Fame farriers like Danny Ward, Bob Skradzio, Roy Bloom and Lee Green, this lavishly illustrated report will set you down the road toward mastering this vital skill. 

You’ll find a wealth of trusted information on… 

  • Techniques for keeping shoes tight with clips
  • Step-by-step instruction for adding heels to keg shoes
  • Modifications for adding lateral support
  • 45 “best of the best” ideas for modifying keg shoes
  • How understanding metallurgy can improve your forging
  • And other topics to improve your proficiency with keg shoes!