A noninvasive sensor contained within a horseshoe that is designed to detect equine joint problems and lameness is a finalist for the Micro-Electromechanical Systems (MEMS) & Sensors Technology Showcase at next month’s MEMS Executive Congress.

Horse Sense Shoes records temperature, weight variations and motion patterns that can be used as indicators of the horse’s health. It allows for “continuous monitoring for early detection of laminitis.” It also helps when monitoring a horse for fever and colic.

The microsensor technology transmits the information to a computer, smartphone or tablet to monitor the horse remotely. It also enables the owner and veterinarian to receive text message alerts, real time data logs, as well as daily, weekly and monthly reports.

Horse Sense Shoes is competing with four other products outside of the equine industry. The winner will be announced during the MEMS Executive Congress, which takes place Nov. 4-6 in Napa, Calif.