Chances are when fitting a boot you're going to find gaps between the device and the horse's foot, particularly in the toe quarters. There's an easy fix though, says Larkin Greene of Vettec.

"You can actually smear a very thin layer of Vaseline on the foot in that area and put the boot on," he told attendees at the 2014 International Hoof-Care Summit in Cincinnati, Ohio. "Then, you can either inject soft urethane to fill that space, or you can actually do it with acrylic adhesive and spread it inside the boot and Dremel it or sand it in order to get the fit."

After the material fills the areas where the gaps once were, mark it for future use.

"The material stays in the boot and if you mark that boot for the particular foot that it goes on, that customization will last the life of that boot," Green explains. "You must continue to trim the foot, though, and keep the foot the same way to ensure the same fit."

Larkin Greene will be among the speakers at the 2015 International Hoof-Care Summit, which takes place Feb. 3-6 in Cincinnati, Ohio. Greene will discuss "Better Practices For Pad Materials" as part of the series of highly informative "how-to" clinics during the Summit. Vettec also will present two special hands-on clinics beginning at 9 a.m. Tuesday, Feb. 3, for attendees to learn about the use and application of Vettec materials for various hoof-care needs. Register for this event at For a complete 2015 IHCS schedule, visit

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