Is your belt sander clogging up? You can improve its effectiveness and efficiency with a cheap and easy fix.

Chelsea, Okla., farrier Craig Stark suggests using an abrasive belt-cleaning stick (Figure 1 Above).

“It removes grit and particles that accumulate between the abrasive grains and cause a dull cut,” the certified journeyman farrier says.

It’s simple to use. Just place the pliable, rubbery stick against the rotating belt or disc after turning off the sander. It also acts as a nice safety feature that allows you to stop the disc or belt and avoid accidently tearing up your hand or arm.

The abrasive belt-cleaning stick can be found for as little as $3.65 at a number of farrier shops or at your local hardware or home improvement store.

For this and other farrier tips, pick up the September/October issue of American Farriers Journal.