J.C. Maloyed

Farrier James Curtis "J.C." Maloyed of Emory, Va., passed away on Sept. 2 at the age of 59. On Sept. 7, he ws laid to rest. A horse-drawn carriage carried Maloyed's coffin to the cemetery.

His farrier practice covered an extensive area throughout Virginia, West Virginia, North Carolina and Tennessee. His farrier career spanned 30 years.

Back in 2007, former AFJ managing editor Pat Tearney spent the day with Maloyed. Here is that 2007 story that was written about Maloyed's work. AMong the information he delivered, Maloyed stressed the importance of mentorship on the May day. He made sure to introduce Tearney and the readers to his mentor Steven "Frostie" Crabtree.

Here is a thought that Maloyed shared from that day:

“We shoe for health reasons first and performance second. Because if these horses aren’t healthy, they can’t perform.”

 — J.C. Maloyed, September/October 2007