Dave Saunders (Amarillo, Texas area)

Due to the unusual amount of rain that we had received in the month of May in Amarillo, Texas, our horse barn was a muddy, ungodly swamp. Storms and rain every day for almost 3 weeks. One of those rainy nights, our horse, Buster, had a mishap, which resulted in one of his front legs and one of his rear legs being trapped in between the bars in a panel fence. My wife and myself were trying to free him and I ended up with a smashed finger or two. We finally decided that we needed some help. Our farrier, Dave Saunders, is whom we ended up calling. I didn't really expect Dave to drive nearly 30 miles at midnight to help, but he surprised me. He told us that he was coming out to help. At about the same time that my wife hung up the phone, an explosion came from the barn area and Buster came walking out like nothing had happened. Needless to say, Dave didn't have to come out that night, but the point is that he was willing.

His love for the animals and his attention to detail in the craft that he does is impeccable. Never have any of our four horses ever went lame due to his work. His dedication and work ethic is simply amazing. He does not sacrifice his body in the work he does for money, he does it simply because he loves it. He is the only farrier that my wife and I will use. Of course, I have to say that because over time he went from being “just our horseshoer,” to being a very good friend who we trust.

—Danny and DeeDee Stewart (Amarillo, Texas) 

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