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Controversy Erupts Over Plan to Eliminate Farrier Program

Instructor, students clash with Walla Walla Community College over level of support
After more than 4 decades of training and educating hoof-care students in the Pacific Northwest, Walla Walla Community College is eliminating its Farrier Science Program, and the decision is not sitting well with students, the community and a faculty member.
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Shoeing To Ride

Davy Jones graduated from Walla Walla Community College's (WWCC) farrier science program in 1987, and he's been part of the program since.
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How The Hoof Reveals Stress

While horses’ hooves undergo a lot of stress, appropriate farriery and a return to the functional foot model can help deal with signs of stress
Most people have experienced sore, aching feet at one point or another in their lives. After all, a 200-pound person exerts approximately 20 pounds per square inch (psi) of pressure on the ground.
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Across The Shoeing Economic Divide

The equine economy is bouncing back in the Pacific Northwest, but more so west of the Cascades than east
The equine economy seems to be bouncing back in the Pacific Northwest, but at least to some extent, the fortunes of hoof-care professionals are divided - much as the Cascade mountain range divides the economies of Oregon and Washington.
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