Matt Kiwala, Foothills Farrier

All About Equine Animal Rescue, Inc., is thrilled to pay tribute to our farrier, Matt Kiwala of Foothills Farrier. For more than three years, Matt has tirelessly provided farrier services to our rescue horses and supported our mission to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome at-risk horses. 

The rescue environment presents a myriad of hoof conditions, and it is the forgotten sector of the horse industry. Rescues so desperately need the industry’s support. Hoof care and rehabilitation are one of the greatest needs of equine rescue organizations next to feed/nutrition and veterinary services. Rescues take in horses with an array of hoof conditions, which provide opportunities for farriers to gain experience treating the worst of cases. Matt takes on the routine, and he enjoys and is unafraid to tackle the most difficult or unusual cases exploring creative ways to accomplish a positive outcome. 

Matt stays current with his skills by participating in continuing education events and is eager to share his knowledge with volunteers, adopters and anyone showing interest. He loves to include our volunteers in the process and has a unique ability to explain a situation to the experienced horse person, as well as the novice. Matt is also a great mentor for those interested in farrier work as a profession. 

Rescues can also present many challenges with difficult horses, less-experienced volunteers and long, hard days. We are so grateful Matt continues to face these challenges and serve our horses. 

On behalf of All About Equine and all of our rescued horses, it is my honor to thank Matt Kiwala for his dedication and ongoing efforts.  By volunteering his services to our rescue, he truly makes the lives of our horses better.

—Wendy Digiorno, Founder and Executive Director at
All About Equine Animal Rescue, Inc. (El Dorado Hills, Calif.)

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