The latest products for farriers...designed to save time and improve shoeing.

Belt Sander Attachment

MultiTool now offers an updated version of its popular 2-by-36-inch belt sander and disc grinding attachment. The attachment is compatible with all the popular brands of 6- and 8-inch bench grinders on the market and now comes complete with an adjustable angle table and miter bracket. This sander attachment is very useful for finishing horseshoes and maintaining tools.

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Stop Costly Hose Kinks

Stark HoseSwivel stops annoying hose kinks. It allows any hose to rotate 360 degrees in either direction during use. This unique hose fitting prevents costly repairs and early replacement of hoses. One HoseSwivel will work in hoses up to 50 feet. For hoses longer than 50 feet, an additional HoseSwivel is needed for every 35 feet of hose. Five hose sizes available. Handy in any environment where hoses are used.

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 Expanded Hoof-Care Line

Absorbine is offering a complete line of Hooflex brand products, designed to address a wide range of footcare needs. Hooflex Original Conditioner increases hoof flexibility to prevent cracking while helping to maintain proper hoof moisture balance and pliability. Available as either an ointment or a liquid, it has nine therapeutic ingredients.

Hooflex Hoof Moisturizing Creme helps revitalize dry, brittle hooves. It combines lanolin, pure neatsfoot oil, natural animal collagen and aloe vera. Hooflex All Natural Dressing is designed to improve hoof growth with comfrey, tea tree and arnica. It promotes healthy, shiny hooves without artificial chemicals. Hooflex Thrush Remedy kills bacteria and fungi and eliminates foul odor. All the products are designed to be used as part of a daily regimen to promote hoof health.

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 MultiTool PortaGrind

New from MultiTool is the PortaGrind 1-by-24-inch, hand-held Belt Sander with 6.2 amps of power and a 750-watt motor. This lightweight tool — just 19 inches long — is great for grinding shoes and maintenance of tools. It works on all metals and most other surfaces.

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Abscess Treatment Kit

A HoofFix Kit provides a complete package of treatment for hoof abscesses and sore bruised feet. Each kit includes a disposable padded boot to cushion and protect the hoof during healing while on stall rest; a pre-measured medical-grade Epsom salt package to add to warm water to soak the hoof; a cushioning band to protect the coronary band; three medical-grade Epsom salt poultice packs to draw out bacteria, plus a bonus pack; three heavy gauge barrier bags; a 12 cc syringe to add water to the Epsom salt pack; two cohesive flexible bandage rolls; and detailed, step-bystep instructions.

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 Anti-Insect Treatment

Two Absorbine products offer a double-team effort during the busy mosquito and tick season. UltraSpot kills and repels biting insects with its trademarked 14-Day Pasture Protection. Additional protection is achieved by using it with Absorbine Special Care Shampoo. Special Care Shampoo is field-tested and proven to protect horses from biting flies, mosquitoes and ticks. It’s the only shampoo that can be used within 24 hours after spot-applied insect treatments without eliminating their effectiveness.

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Animal Respiratory Care

Agri-Pro Enterprises’ new line of respiratory equipment for animals draws on the company’s 16 years of manufacturing experience and sales in the human respiratory equipment market. The company’s 3050ss Super Vet Nebulizer compressor offers continuous pressure to deliver aerosol treatments to larger animals including horses. Cross ventilation in the design allows for motor cooling to extend the life of the compressor. Smaller compressors are also available for smaller animals.

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 New Equine Joint Product

Gluquestrian is the only equine joint product on the market that is guaranteed to work with navicular syndrome. Within 12 to 16 weeks, results have shown that the product strengthens connective tissue, improves synovial fluid and rebuilds cartilage by supplying proper nutrients in forms that can be readily used by the horse.

Dosing depends on age, weight, severity of navicular syndrome, how active the horse is and also any other treatments that are being used.

When given orally 87 to 97 percent of the compound is actively taken from the digestive track into the blood within 30 minutes. This does not mean that results can be seen immediately, but only that the healing process has started.

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Palm Software For Shoers

An exciting new recordkeeping tool for horseshoers, Forge Ahead “Sidekick,” has been introduced by Backroads Data. From the developers of the Forge Ahead software program for farriers, this new program runs on Palm-compatible handheld devices and keeps your most critical information right “in the palm of your hand” no matter where you work or go.

The Sidekick program can be used with your contact list, your horse list (including information on shoeing, hoof specifications and notes), for scheduling and to create invoices and enter payments. The standard hot-sync process quickly updates data between the computer and the handheld device, so that both Forage Ahead and Sidekick can contain the same records.

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Online Farriers Directory

As a bonus, all farriers who purchase business cards from Farriers’ Greeting Cards will also receive a free listing on the company’s online National Farrier Directory. The directory features full color business card ads that are listed by state so that horse owners can locate farriers and vets in their area.

The online directory ( has proven helpful for farriers wishing to print new business cards,as they can get an idea of what other farriers in their area are using. You can also see ideas as to wording and layout from the hundreds of examples found in the online directory.

As another service to customers, Farriers’ Greeting Cards is including free sample stickers with each purchased invoice pad. The stickers are enclosed in a handy carrier envelope, which is imprinted with helpful hints for using the stickers and scheduling and billing purposes.

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