ALTHOUGH IT WILL BE WINTER, you won’t need a jacketonce you’ve reached either of the host hotels for the upcoming American Farriers Association convention in Rochester, N.Y.
The lectures, trade show and contest will be held in one building, which is connected to the two hotels by enclosed walkways. The hotels are also connected to Midtown Plaza for convenient shopping without stepping outside. Of course, if the temperature climbs into the 60s as it did during the 1998 Rochester convention, you may want to go outside.
Attendees will have plenty of convention activities to choose from, including the major lectures, with short-subject lectures as alternatives. The contest will be held in the same building as the lectures.
Details and registration information will be available later this summer.
The program will include something new this year. Per Bruce Daniels’ suggestion, a Jack Benny Class will be offered for competitors age 60 or older.
This will not be part of the regular shoeing competition, but held after the shoemaking classes are finished on Thursday. It will be a fun yet practical class that requires making only one pair of shoes —a hind shoe, creased with a square toe, clips and heels. There will be no prize money and no entry fee, but a trophy will be awarded. Watch for more information in future articles.

Plenty To See

Located on the south shore of Lake Ontario, Rochester is a major urban center with all of the arts, culture, entertainment, lodging and dining facilities typically 
found in any metropolitan area.
However, Rochester also offers miles of beautiful rural landscape and is a great four-season destination with a wide variety of things to do and see at every time of the year.
High Falls, a 96-foot waterfall along the Genesee River. The Seaway Trail, a national scenic byway, passes through this region.
The George Eastman House is an exquisite mansion built by George Eastman, the founder of Kodak Co. It includes a museum of photographic items and probably the world’s largest archive of pictures. (Ask our own Steve Eastman from Montana about it. I think he is related to George Eastman.)
Another worthwhile site is the Strong Museum, which has a world-famous collection of dolls along with much local history. 
Albert Paley’s studio and shop are also located in the city.
Niagara Falls is only 90 minutes away. (They don’t shut it off in the winter!) While you’re there, you can visit our neighbors to the north (the Canadians) and visit “Casino Niagara.” The Canadian exchange rate can make for great bargain-hunting. There is also a casino on the American side in Niagara Falls.
We look forward to seeing you in Rochester!