Educating Your Clients

Here are some of the best techniques, products and teaching tools that farriers are utilizing to help answer customer questions

It can be frustrating when you’re trying to explain a hoof-care problem to a client and they just stare back at you blankly. Even worse are the times when you’re explaining a shoeing procedure to your client and you ask if they have any questions and they say no — but then you hear from someone else that your customer is telling others that he or she doesn’t understand why you’re doing things the way you are.

Maintaining good farrier and customer communication and keeping your clients well-informed are key factors in getting repeat business and maintaining a loyal customer following. But this is easier said than done.

It’s often difficult for someone who works in a skilled trade to explain complex technical procedures to a lay person. Something that seems like a simple day-to-day procedure to a farrier — such as trimming a hoof for balance — may be tough to understand if you’re a customer who’s not familiar with hoof growth, different types of shoes or the relationship between hoof angles and how a hoof strikes the ground.

To improve the communication process, it’s critical to find educational aids that will make it easier for you to explain problems and procedures to your customers. 

Different Types Of Learners

Teaching and having good communication with customers takes practice and effort. There’s often a fine line between explaining things to people and coming across as if you’re talking down to them. And the last thing someone in a service-oriented business…

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