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How to Prepare for a Successful Career Shoeing Gaited Show Horses

What you need to know before ever picking up a foot

Gaited show horses are a small niche within the horse industry, and shoeing them is equally so within the farrier industry.
Before putting on an apron and picking up a foot, a farrier must understand the discipline, potential clientele and what is expected in the horses’ hoof care.

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AFJ’s 45th Anniversary

The Farrier Industry’s Biggest Challenge: Mastering the Basics

Years of study, practice and experience are necessary before a shoer is skilled
Tradition that is based on sound principles should be retained and mastered. It is the foundation for everything else we do.” Dr. Doug Butler, a member of the International Horseshoeing Hall of Fame, wrote those words nearly a quarter-
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Defining The Hoof Quarters

The prevalence of caudal foot problems leads Hall Of Fame farrier to spell out the critical, yet elusive, description
The front half of a horse’s hoof has been the center of trimming and shoeing discussions for quite some time. Specifically, finding the ideal breakover point has been the focus of countless conversations and endless training. Lafayette, Ind., farrier Danvers Child points out that the vast majority of hoof issues occur in the back half of the foot, not the front.
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What Causes Club Feet?

Hall Of Fame farrier Doug Butler examines why flexure limb deformities develop and how to prevent and manage them
The characteristics of a flexure limb deformity, commonly referred to as club foot, are easy to identify. Growth rings are wider at the heel, the toe is usually dished, the hoof is high on the heel and the coffin joint axis is broken forward. Radiographs often reveal that the coffin bone is deformed or remodeled. But what causes it?
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A Study System To Learn Equine Anatomy

Whether you need a deeper understanding or refresher of equine anatomy, these tips will help you retain this information critical to your work
In the first article of this series, I presented some simple strategies that are motivated by our desire to excel. As we learn new skills, we need to apply and implement them into our lives and businesses so that these become part of our everyday work.
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