There was a marked burning smell in the cabin of a Newquay-bound Skybus Twin Otter before take-off at St Mary's airport.

Airport firefighter Kevin James said: "It was lined up ready to take off when one pilot said to the other 'can you smell burning?' to which the co-pilot apparently replied 'I was wondering whether you were going to say anything in case it was just me'."

The tower was alerted to this "smoky, burny smell" and the airport firefighting unit put on standby.

"We were told of a burning smell in the cabin of a Twin Otter about to taxi off," said Mr James. "While other flights were put on hold we dashed to the fire engine and put on our kit.

"I had a chat with the captain and disembarked all the passengers.

"One of the last to get off looked at the first officer and said, 'I think it might be me'."

He was the mainland farrier who had been working on island hooves all day.