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Q: What is causing the rotten smell I get when I clean out the hooves on my mare?

By J. Frank Gravlee, DVM, MS, CNS, and Scott Gravlee, DVM, CNS, Life Data Labs

A: She probably has thrush, as it’s a bacterium that’s always present. Thrush bacteria are opportunistic, multiplying in the absence of oxygen and the presence of waste.

Many thrush remedies are caustic and will harden the tissues of affected areas. The offending microbes that are deep seated will often continue to divide in the resulting anerobic environment made more severe by the caustic treatment. Utilizing grain extract will help keep the thrush-affected areas soft and pliable to allow a penetrating agent to deliver antimicrobials into the deeper tissue. A good antimicrobial penetrating agent is Tea Tree Oil. Tea Tree Oil works great with low levels of iodine in combatting thrush.

Frank Gravlee and Scott Gravlee are veterinarians and equine nutritionists at Life Data Labs, Inc.in Cherokee, Ala.

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