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Equus Television Interview: Tom Petersen

Diana De Rosa of Equus Television discusses the American Farriers Team and the important role farriers play in the equine industry with Montana farrier Tom Petersen as the American Farrier's Association gears up for its 52nd annual convention.


Learning to Be a Good Horseman

Clinton Anderson explains why learning how to shoe horses changed his horsemanship.


Bring the Heat

Idaho farrier Mike Frazier cools a shoe in a bucket of water without tongs. What do you think? Farrier hands or sleight of hand?


What it's Like Being a Farrier's Wife

It's not easy being a farrier's wife. Let Susie Fennell, wife of Nigel Fennell, FWCF (hons) count the ways.

Protecting the Sole

Mike Barker and Corbin Delaney of Life Data Labs discuss strategies for protecting the sole of the horse's hoof.

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