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6 Critical Areas To Learn Before Leaving School

I have taught horseshoeing for 40 years to more students than anybody else ever has. Most of my graduates went on to shoe horses professionally and made a living for themselves and their families. There are a number of ideas and philosophies about what’s important when learning about horseshoeing. The following are my ideas of what you should learn at shoeing school.
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Frankly Speaking: Looking At The Generation Gap

There is a responsibility of each generation to complain about the younger ones they share Earth with. In general society, the older generations criticize the younger for a perceived softness, lack of drive and work ethic. The younger likes to slam the older for being stuck in their ways and being the cause for why things are bad.
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Types Of Horses

Horses all have unique behaviors and personalities. We deal with these variations on a daily basis as farriers. One day, I had a funny conversation with a vet that I work with. He said something about a horse we were working on and I thought it'd be funny to put names to the different types.
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10 Common Traits Of Successful Farriers

Growing up, I spent a lot of time around the world’s best farriers as they came to our home and were trained by my father, Dr. Doug Butler. I was able to work side-by-side with many of them as they became master craftsmen and learned the fundamentals of farriery. I also have worked and consulted with farriers from around the world.

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