This page lists material that supplements the December 2022 issue of American Farriers Journal.

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  • Open the Books – International Horseshoeing Hall of Fame member Dave Farley is open with his clients about his expenses. Find out why he says it helps justify price increases.
  • More Than Feet – Understanding deviations will guide you in helping the horse, writes Hall of Fame farrier Mike Wildenstein.
  • Hoof-Care Events – The International Hoof-Care Summit and several continuing education events are on tap in the coming weeks. Visit for more.
  • Floating Heels and Quarters – The Z-bar is a versatile shoe that can be used when it’s necessary to relieve weight-bearing in the heel quarter or the heel as a result of an injury.

Supplement to Contents on page 4.

Shoeing Arabians and high-low horses 

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Supplement to Arabian Farrier Plays The Angles on page 8.

More insight on equine teeth 

Supplement  to "Hoof Wear and Teeth: Are They Linked?" on page 38.