Why Horse Owners Switched Farriers*

Reasons % of Horse Owners
Failure to keep footcare appointments 32%
After leaving a message, did not return phone, text or social media messages 24%
Horses required farrier with more therapeutic shoeing skills 20%
Horses were often lame after hoof-care work 17%
Farrier moved out of area, or quit trimming, shoeing 15%
Routinely showed up 2 or more hours late 12%
Footcare prices were too high 11%
Farrier was often rude 11%
Veterinarian recommended another farrier 7%
Owner didn't like farrier 7%
Farrier lacked certification or credentials 6%
Farrier showed up smelling of alcohol 1%
Veterinarian wanted to handle the footcare work 11%
Other reasons for changing farriers 37%

* Some owners cited multiple reasons for changing farriers.

— 2020 American Farriers Journal survey on why horse owners change farriers

How Much Do Farriers Charge for Extra Shoe Work?

Full-time farriers charge an average of $5.53 per shoe for clips, $4.72 for trailers and $6.23 for rockered or square toe shoes. General forge work is billed at $24.37 per hour.

— 2020 American Farriers Journal Business Practices survey