How Much Do Farriers Charge for Extra Shoe Work?

When it comes to getting paid for extra items, full-time farriers charge an average of $5.53 per shoe for clips, $4.72 for trailers and $6.23 for rockered or square toe shoes. General forge work is billed at $24.37 per hour.

— 2020 American Farriers Journal Business Practices survey

What’s it Cost You to Shoe a Horse?

Based on extensive records, Pat Broadus had determined it costs an average of $151.85 to provide trims and a full set of shoes with the 140 horses he worked with each month in 2018.

The Shelbyville, Ky., based farrier focuses on the hoof-care needs of racehorses, Thoroughbreds on the farm and sport horses. His costs are based on a 6-year average of looking at 29 separate costs for trimming and shoeing horses.

— Taken from “How Much Does It Cost You to Shoe a Horse?” an American Farriers Journal website article