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8 Reasons Why Horses Stumble

In this Facebook Live post, Bob Smith of Pacific Coast Horseshoeing School discusses why horses stumble that aren't related to trimming and shoeing.


How Do You Measure Feet for Handmade Shoes?

In this Facebook post from Vagabond Forge and Farrier, American Farriers Team member Daniel Jones of Fairhope, Ala., explains how he measures feet for handmade shoes and how he keeps notes to maintain consistency.

Blacksmith Boot Camp: S1 E12 — To Pass or Not to Pass

This episode of Heartland Horseshoeing School’s Blacksmith Boot Camp, sponsored by GE Forge & Tool, with a graduation ceremony right around the corner, the pressure is on for Jaylen. He’s lost count of his final horse attempts. This episode may not have blood, but it has loads of sweat and tears.

Pathology of the Hind Foot

The equine foot can develop pathologies. In this video, Hall of Fame farrier Michael Savoldi discusses two main pathologies associated within the hind feet, which are body weight loading the foot and conformation. The location will be in the mid-section of the foot and the lateral heel area.

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