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Understanding Adhesive Heat Cycle

In this video from Farrier Product Distribution, Larkin Greene explains the importance of understanding the heat cycle that various adhesives used for hoof care go through. This is information that helps you to avoid issues with excessive heat build-up in your applications.


The Humble Hoof: Jec Ballou

In this episode of The Humble Hoof, Jec Ballou, host of “Best Horse Practices” podcast and author of the “101 Exercises” books, discusses potential clues that a horse in training might be struggling with sore feet. She discusses both behavioral issues and improper muscle development that might stem from hidden lameness. She also talks about exercises to work through body compensations from foot soreness.

Freshening Up Rasps

In this Facebook post from Vagabond Forge and Farrier, Jason RoTramel demonstrates how he freshens up his rasps in a PVC tube filled with muriatic acid.

Altering the Plane of the Third Phalanx (PIII)

In this video from Overview of the Equine Foot with Michael Savoldi, the Hall of Fame farrier discusses how pathology within the foot can be predictable.

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