Lots Of Hoof-Care Product Purchases

The typical full-time farrier purchases $21,683 in basic footcare supplies in a year’s time.

— 2020 American Farriers Journal Business Practices survey

10 Ways Horse Owners Can Improve Hoof Health

Horse owners can have a great influence on the health of their horse’s hoof. Good quality hooves make the farrier’s life easier and, most importantly, the horse’s life better. These include:

  1. Regular and scheduled hoof-care from a professional.
  2. Clean out stall bedding daily.
  3. Well-drained turnout areas lead to better quality hoof horn.
  4. Wood shavings used as bedding keeps hoof horn at an optimum level.
  5. Clean and dry the hooves after exercise.
  6. Ensure that your farrier has a nationally recognized qualification.
  7. A well-balanced diet produces strong hoof horn.
  8. Treat thrush immediately and persist until it is gone.
  9. When breeding, investigate the hooves of both parents.
  10. Show your hoof care professional that you take an interest in the hooves of your horses.

Simon Curtis, Newmarket, England

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