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Blacksmith Boot Camp: S1 E2 - Putting Down the Hammer and Picking Up the Trash

Heartland Horseshoeing School in Lamar, Mo., and GE Forge & Tool present the second episode of Blacksmith Boot Camp. In this episode, we meet Bayly from Maryland. It's his second week at the school and he and his classmates are beginning to see progress in learning the difficult craft of horseshoeing. Most still need guidance from the Gregory's, but are now beginning to shape their own shoes.


The Study of the Equine Hoof: The Crena

Lindsey Field discusses whether toe clips can cause a crena during the examination of a horse's foot that she dissected in this video from The Study of the Equine Hoof.

Lindsey Field

Shoeing: A 'Balancing Act'

New Jersey farrier Jude Florio examines balance and incorporating radiography in shoeing in “Shoeing: A ‘Balancing Act’” in an article for Thoroughbred Daily News.

Jude Florio

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