This page lists material that supplements the March issue of American Farriers Journal.

Tommy Boudreau

Supplement to "A Deliberate Approach with Every Horse" on page 20.

Dr. Jenny Hagen

Supplement to "Tendons and Ligaments Supply Power, Stability" on page 40.

Mike Wildenstein

Supplement to "Providing Hoof Care Based on Conformation" on page 58.

Gain more insight on alternative shoeing techniques

Supplement to "Z-bar Benefits are Practical for All Farriers" on page 74.

Gain more insight from Tab Pigg 

Supplement to "Are Your Bars Overgrown?" on page 84.

Protecting the Right to Organize Act of 2021

Supplement to "ABC Test May Change Hiring" on page 93.

Sacroiliac Joint

  • Videos about the SI joint. – Coming Soon!

Supplement to "Sacroiliac Joint 101 for Farriers" on page 102.