This page lists material that supplements the April 2019 issue of American Farriers Journal.


More insight from Jim Quick

(Supplement to "Your Number 1 Job: Balance the Horse" on page 18.)

 John Favicchia, highlights from this day shoeing show jumpers

  • Coming Soon

(Supplement to "Developing an Eye for Detail over a Lifetime" on page 28.)

More insight from Danvers Child

(Supplement to "The Highs and Lows of Mismatched Feet" on page 56.)

Brad Dirickson

  • Watch: A video showing Dirickson’s use of the winch — Coming Soon

(Supplement to "Extending His Career by Changing His Practice" on page 72.)

Haydn Price

  • Coming Soon

(Supplement to "Understanding and Demystifying Evidence-Based Farriery" on page 80.)

More insight on working with sedated horses

(Supplement to "Sedation is Not a Foolproof Solution" on page 106.)

Farriers Week 2019

(Supplement to "Spotlight on Farriers" on page 119.)


2020 Summit Mail-In Forging Exercise

(Supplement to "Sidebone Shoe Challenge Delivers Practicality" on page 132.)

Mitch Taylor

(Supplement to "Middle Eastern Sabbatical Provides Hoof-Care Lessons" on page 142.)