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Grant Moon Shoeing Contest Winner

International Horseshoeing Hall of Fame member Grant Moon challenged farriers to build a hind preventer bar shoe. The winner was Josh Cooksley from the British Army School of Farriers. See the winning shoe and learn how it was selected.


Creating a Quarter Crack Patch with Medication Drain

This video by Polyflex Horseshoes identifies the tools and materials needed, explains why patching is different from other approaches and demonstrates how to successfully build a quarter crack patch with a medication drain from start to finish.


For Clients: Identifying Signs of Lameness

Dr. Nicola Cribb from the Ontario Veterinary College at the University of Guelph offers insight into what clues horse owners should look for that could indicate lameness in a horse in this video from Equine Guelph.



Tips for Running a Multi-farrier Practice

Farrier Focus podcast talks with Certified Journeyman Farrier Tom Parris of Woodbine, M.D. about how to set up and run a multi-farrier practice. Parris has been shoeing horses for more than 53 years and shares a wealth of experience that will help you be a better and more successful farrier.


Simon Curtis Discusses 'The Farrier'

New Market, England, farrier Dr. Simon Curtis is known for his textbooks addressing a range of equine hoof health topics from anatomy and physiology to how to glue on a shoe. In this video, he discusses his recent departure from those topics to create a book he calls "a celebration of farriers."


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