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Addressing Hoof Capsule Diseases

Presented by Dr. Scott Morrison of Rood and Riddle and and Florida farrier Curtis Burns, the webinar "Management of a Foreign Body and Topical Disease Associated with the Hoof Capsule" is a combined professional effort. It's one of many online learning opportunities offered by the Northeast Association of Equine Practitioners free for NEAEP members or available for purchase.

NEAEP Webinar Ad

Tips for Managing Your Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain is a common complaint among many farriers. Sports Therapist Gary Edwards discusses why this is the case and shares his tips to strengthen core muscles and relieve pain with the British Farriers and Blacksmiths Association in a video series. 


The Birth of a Tool 

Northmen, a guild of northern master craftsmen who design and create woodworking tools, knives and weapons, shares a three-part documentary series that uncovers the process of making tools. The third in the series is the making of the Damascus steel knife. Other tools featured in the series are the chisel and axe.


Alta Vista Farrier Trains Fort Riley Color Guard 

Carey Macy, a farrier in Alta Vista, Kan., trained Fort Riley's 1st Cavalry Mounted Color Guard soldiers in proper hoof-care practices for the American Farrier's Association certification. The Commanding General’s Mounted Color Guard performs mounted drill and weapons demonstrations as well as military ceremonies at Fort Riley. 

Color Guard

Mullins Farrier Podcast Interview with Lori McBride

Louisville, Ohio, farrier Lori McBride discusses her handmade shoes and the importance of staying positive in this Mullins Farrier podcast.


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