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The Importance of Phalangeal Alignment and Hoof Pastern Axis 

The Equine Documentalist, Yogi Sharp, discusses optimal hoof balance with two leading equine podiatry experts, Sylvia Nemeth-Kornherr and Tookie Myers in this videocast. Topics include how to assess hoof balance, the benefits of the ideal and the predispositions of poor alignment. 

Addressing Hoof Abscesses

Virginia farrier Darren Owen and Life Data Labs sales representative Mike Barker share their experiences addressing abscesses in this webinar hosted by Life Data Labs. This video is a recording from the original webinar that was presented on June 10, 2020. 

Learning to Love the Equine Anatomy with Chris Gregory

Want to improve your knowledge of the equine anatomy? The Mullins Farrier Podcast is hosting a series of short anatomy focused segments called “Love of Anatomy with Chris Gregory.” The farrier educator and clinician shares vital information in bite sized podcasts, making them easy to digest. Check out the most recent installment.

How Much Water Does a Horse Really Need?

Invariably farriers finds themselves in the position of being asked questions about horse care and management beyond the hoof. One common question you may encounter is about water consumption. In this article, the Kentucky Equine Research staff identify the factors that influence thirst and water intake.

drinking foal

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