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Barrel Horse Shoeing Tips

Brock, Texas, farrier Lee Olsen of Olsen Equine and barrel rider McKenzie Morgan share tips on how they got Morgan’s good horse “H2” from being sore and stumbling to back winning in the 1D in this video.


Mustad Live with Yogi Sharp

Brighton, England, farrier Yogi Sharp shares his shoeing philosophy in this Mustad Live presentation replay.


‘Horseheart’ Available as an Audiobook

Los Angeles, Calf., farrier Tim Prindle offers a simple, concise, and unique approach to horsemanship in Horseheart: Secrets of the Equine. This book, explores the four horse personalities and reveals the secrets of how to quickly and efficiently connect with each one.


The Cowboy Code

Pacific Coast Horseshoeing School owner and International Horshoeing Hall of Fame member Bob Smith shares his thoughts about integrity and the Cowboy Code.


Interview with Eric Nygaard

Farrier Focus Podcast interviews Sarasota, Fla., farrier Eric Nygaard, CJF. The past president of the American Farrier’s Association shares lessons he learned from his mentors, some of the highlights of his tenure as AFA president and other memorable experiences.


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