Each day, American Farriers Journal encounters a variety of articles, social media posts, podcasts and videos that offer a unique look at an aspect of the equine industry. Our favorite content for "This Week" is aggregated here. We hope it offers a useful tip to improve your hoof-care business, expands your knowledge by giving you something new to ponder, or entertains you when you need a break most.   

The Puzzled Podiatrist: Management of Foreign Bodies and Injuries to the Sole Region

Rood & Riddle Equine Hospital Resident Farrier Stuart Muir shares how he approached 3 cases of sole injuries including a puncture wound, sole crack and chemical burn in his webcast, The Puzzled Podiatrist. Muir also provides a step by step look at how he fabricates a hospital plate.

The Equine Documentalist Interview with Derek Poupard

The Equine Documentalist, Yogi Sharp, a farrier based in Brighton, England, talks with African farrier Derek Poupard about training racehorses barefoot and the Hoofcast system he created that enables him to do so while conserving the compromised thoroughbred foot. The Hoofcast system is being used on some of the worlds best racehorses at the Godolphin stables in Dubai.

Western Horseman: Barefoot Basics with Lee Olsen

Brock, Texas, farrier Lee Olsen of Olsen Equine details his approach to trimming a barefooted horse for Western Horseman and how this approach differs from trimming for a shod horse.

Equine Podiatry On-Demand Videos from Ric Redden

Dr. Ric Redden is offering his Equine Podiatry On-Demand Videos for FREE for the next 6 months. All you have to do is sign up or sign in. On-Demand videos include "How to Correlate Soft Tissue Parameters and External Landmark" and "How to Use the Radiographic Blueprint for Optimum Results." 

Lessons from a Painted Horse: The Lower Limb in Action

Equine anatomist and biomechanist, professional sports and remedial therapist Gillian Higgins explores the biomechanics of the horse's lower limb through painted demonstrations. Higgins says painting the bones, muscles, tendons and other anatomical systems on the side of a live horse and watching it move, really brings the subject to life. A variety of educational videos can be found on her website, Horses Inside Out