This page lists material that supplements the May/June 2020 issue of American Farriers Journal.

Farriers Week 

  • Twenty-two years ago, American Farriers Journal launched Farriers Week for the equine industry to recognize farriers for their dedicated commitment to delivering hoof care to the horses. In 2012, American Farriers Journal started the “Farriers Spotlight” an online-exclusive compilation dedicated to showcasing many farriers throughout the industry. The farrier tributes featured here were either submitted by members of the equine community who want to express their gratitude to the farriers who care for their horses or farriers who want to thank their mentors for invaluable lessons. Submit your tribute here.

Jeff Ridley 

(Supplement to "Diversification Offers Business Stability" on page 10.)

Business Practices During COVID-19 

(Supplement to "Optimism Continues Among Farriers During Pandemic" on page 16.)

More from Matt Taimuty and David Duckett 

(Supplement to "Why Duckett’s Method is Still Confused with Russell’s" on page 26.)

More Insight from Steve Kraus 

(Supplement to "The Benefits of Proper Hind End Geometry" on page 30.)

Equine Reciprocating Systems: New Parts and Novel Attachments

Review any of the seven installments of Dr. Deb Bennett’s series online to improve your understanding of anatomy.

(Supplement to "Equine Reciprocating Systems" on page 42.)

A Conversation with Travis Burns

(Supplement to "How Well Do Patching Composite Materials Withstand Force?" on page 20.)

Esco Buff’s International Hoof-Care Summit Presentation 

(Supplement to "Adding Value with Adhesives" on page 54.)

IHCS Survey 

(Supplement to "How Does Your Practice Compare?" on page 57.)