Editor's Note: Because there is always considerable interest among farriers in learning more about Duckett’s Dot, we’ve posted the article online entitled, “Duckett Vs. Russell” that appeared in the March/April, 1999, issue of American Farriers Journal.

This article compared the hoof balancing ideas that William Russell used more than 100 years ago with those advocated by David Duckett. Since the ideas of these two farriers have resulted in considerable confusion, this article sheds plenty of light on both approaches to hoof-care work.

Written by Maryland farrier Matthew Taimuty, the article is among the most in-depth articles ever produced on Duckett’s Dot.

Similar or not, comparing the hoof balancing ideas William Russell used almost 100 years ago and those advocated today by David Duckett have resulted in considerable confusion.

Download the pdf article here.