This page lists material that supplements the March issue of American Farriers Journal.

Why Farriers Get Fired

  • Data from nearly 1,500 surveyed horse owners dealing with changing farriers is summarized in "Why Horse Owners Tell Farriers… “You’re Fired!”" of the January/February 2021 issue of American Farriers Journal.
  • Or download “Why Horse Owners Tell Farriers, You’re Fired!” – Coming Soon

Supplement to "Attitudes about Farriers are Improving" on page 13.

Shoeing For A Living Shaun Woodsum

  • 1997 Cultural Exchange trip – Coming Soon
  • Q&A with Shoeing for a Living Farrier – Coming Soon

Supplement to "Sharing His Passion and Knowledge" on page 16.

Randy Luikart

  • Read other essays by Randy Luikart that may lead you to rethink commonly held hoof-care beliefs among farriers. – Coming Soon

Supplement to "Understanding What We Mean by 'Toe Length' " on page 24.

Gain more insight on frog support by

Supplement to "The Many Options for Creating Frog Support" on page 32.

Gain more insight on working with sedated horses by:

Supplement to "Sedating a Horse is Not Your Job" on page 40.

Gain more forging insight

Supplement to "Where Does Your Motivation Come From?" on page 44.

Learn more from Kirk Underschultz

  • Watching a video featuring Kirk Underschultz on how to get into the front driving position.  – Coming Soon
  • Reading the "Horsemanship Skills are Key to Handling the Hind Feet" and watching the accompany video to “Don’t Rush the Process” published in the December 2020 issue of American Farriers Journal about getting into the hind end driving position.

Supplement to "Set the Right Tone" on page 48.