Dave Dawson

Dave Dawson

Join American Farriers Journal April 24-26 for the first Performance Horse Hoof-Care Classroom focused on hunters and jumpers. This 100% free-to-attend online educational event will feature 8 on-demand video presentations attendees can watch online on their own schedule, during these 3 days.

The Performance Horse Hoof-Care Classroom offers practical information about shoeing for different surfaces, managing common pathologies of hunters/jumpers, competition judging and how it relates back to farriery, and advice from leading professionals in the hunter/jumper field.

Equine athletes often migrate south for the winter to take advantage of warmer weather, which often results in significant problems or changes to the hoof capsule. During a thought-provoking session, "Climate Vs. Hoof Health," Uxbridge, Ontario farrier and Northeast Association of Equine Practitioners (NEAEP) President Dave Dawson will discuss the strategies to help you manage the effects that the environment has on horses’ feet and the similarities with everyday life shoeing.

To learn more about this and other Hunter/Jumper Performance Horse Hoof-Care Classroom presentations, and to register for this free online educational event, visit www.Americanfarriers.com/Performance.

Title sponsors making the learning and networking opportunities possible for farriers include American Farriers Journal, Victory, Mustad and W.F. Young.