Yakima, Wash., police are calling on witnesses to come forward following the homicide of a local farrier, according to KAPP-KVEW-TV.

Richard Plumlee, a 43-year-old third generation farrier, was shot and killed over a small debt outside Room 24 at the Yakima Inn, says Richard Shaw, a major crimes detective with the Yakima Police Department. Plumlee is a nephew of Mark Plumlee, the owner of Mission Farrier School in Snohomish.

“The gathering seemed to be breaking up, and for whatever reason, this individual pulled out a firearm and shot him at point blank range in the chest over a $10 debt, from what we’re being told,” Shaw says. “Why it rose to that level in just that quick second, we don’t know.”

The identity of the suspected shooter is known; however, witnesses are needed for an arrest.

“It’s not a who done it,” Shaw says. “We would just need the witnesses that were there to give a truthful, honest statement as to what they saw. Ten minutes of them telling us a story that is consistent with what we know to be true, based on other parts of the investigation, is all we need.”

Yakima County Crime Stoppers is offering a cash reward of as much as $1,000 for any information that leads to an arrest in the case. Submit tips at P3Tips.com or call (800) 248-9980. You can also contact Shaw at (509) 576-6791 or Drew.Shaw@Yakimawa.gov.