Successful Farriers Keep on Learning

Full-time farriers spend an average of $2,064 per year on continued educational activities compared to only $582 per year for part-time farriers.

These professional development activities include local farrier clinics, shoeing contests and national events such as the International Hoof-Care Summit held each winter in Cincinnati, Ohio.

— 2018 American Farriers Journal Farrier Benchmark Study

Have You Suffered a Significant Injury as a Direct Result of Farrier Work?

Options % of Farriers

Yes, but it was not debilitating 


Yes, I had surgery to correct it. Thank goodness the injury was not debilitating  


Yes, I suffered a debilitating injury, but I’m still able to do hoof-care work


Yes, I suffered a debilitating injury and will never be able to perform footcare again


No significant injuries, as I’ve been fortunate    


— 2019 American Farriers Journal reader poll

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