Are You Burned Out with Farrier Work?

A 2020 U.S. study found three out of four American workers are burned out with their daily work. Here are 10 common warning signs that you might

be burning out in your hoof-care work:

  1. You seem to be working harder while accomplishing less.
  2. You tire more easily.
  3. You often get the “mentally-challenged blues” for no apparent reason.
  4. You forget appointments and deadlines.
  5. You’ve become increasingly irritable.
  6. You are disappointed in the people around you.
  7. You see friends and family less frequently.
  8. You seem to have more colds, pains and headaches.
  9. You find it hard to laugh when the joke is on you.
  10. You have little to say to others.

— New Yorker magazine

Part-Time Farriers Work with About 4 Dozen Horses 

In a year’s time, the typical part-time farrier works with 47 different horses. Most of these clients own one horse.

This compares with 158 different horses worked on in a year’s time by full-time farriers.

— 2020 American Farriers Journal Business Practices survey

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