This page lists material that supplements the September/October 2019 issue of American Farriers Journal.

Gain more Club Foot insight from Simon Curtis by:

(Supplement to "Defining and Treating a Club Foot" on page 16.)

Mapping the Equine Hoof

(Supplement to "A Legacy Of Honoring The Horse" on page 24.)

Enhance your knowledge about equine anatomy by:

(Supplement to "Know the Horse Inside and Out" on page 42.)

Gain more insight about laminitis by:

(Supplement to "Farriers Play Crucial Role in Laminitis Prevention" on page 47.)

Watch videos with Steve Stanley to learn 

(Supplement to "Thinking Outside the Box for Efficiency" on page 52.)

Check out more tool maintenance and safety tips 

(Supplement to "Simple Strategies to Extend Your Tool Life" on page 54.)

Gain more insight about insurance from David Barron 

(Supplement to "Can You Afford Not to Have Insurance?" on page 78.)

Gain more insight about equine supplements by: 

(Supplement to "Educate Yourself Before Recommending Supplements" on page 90.)

Gain more insight on handling difficult horses by: 

(Supplement to "Strategies for Working with Diffi cult Horses" on page 84.)