This page lists material that supplements the March issue of American Farriers Journal.

The Horseshoers’ and Blacksmiths’ Journal

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Supplement to"Business Advice from a Century Ago" on page 8.

Dr. Jenny Hagen

Supplement to "The Complex and Highly Specialized Hoof" on page 22.

Read other essays by Randy Luikart

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Supplement to "It’s All About Timing" on page 34.

Gain more insight on alternative shoeing techniques for suspensory injuries

Supplement to "Your Options for Supporting the Suspensory Ligament" on page 38.

White Line Disease

Supplement to "How to Prevent and Treat White Line Disease" on page 48.

The Golden Horseshoe

Supplement to "Contents" on page 6.

From the Pages of AFJ

  • Laura Gillespie and Mike Hayward — Coming Soon!