This page lists material that supplements the April 2019 issue of American Farriers Journal.

Tendon Injuries

Read: "Rehabilitating Equine  Tendon Injuries”

Read: "Bowed Tendons: The Farrier’s Role in Prevention and Treatment”

Read: “Why Equine Bones Break and Tendons Rupture”

(Supplement to "Innovative Shoeing Solution Saves Horse" on page 14.)

Patching Methods – Coming Soon


(Supplement to "3 Methods for Patching Hoof Wall" on page 40.)

John Marino – Coming Soon


(Supplement to "Remembering John Marino" on page 44.)

Identifying and Addressing Issues Shown through Shoe Wear – Coming Soon


(Supplement to "Successfully Talking to Clients about Equine Health" on page 58.)

The Equine Toe – Coming Soon

Read: “Back Up the Entire Foot, Not Just the Toe”

Read: “About Backing Up That Toe”

Read: “Toe Mechanics”

(Supplement to "Back to Basics: Rockering and Rolling Shoes" on page 69.)

2019 World Horseshoeing Classic – Coming Soon

Highlights from the WHC 2019 Competition

(Supplement to "Team Mustad Wins the World Horseshoeing Classic" on page 78.)