This page lists material that supplements the April 2023 issue of American Farriers Journal.

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Supplement to Contents on page 4.

Gain more insight on using the golden mean and patching hoof cracks.

Supplement to "Don’t Forget the Basics of Farriery when Using Synthetic Materials" on page 10.

Gain more insight from Doug Corey of Mustad Hoofcare as he details the therapeutic horseshoeing modifications that he uses in his New York practice. 

Supplement  to "Strategies for Shoeing the Underperforming Horse" on page 16.

See a video of this and other tool tips from International Horseshoeing Hall of Fame members Dave Farley and Roy Bloom 

Supplement  to "Make This Hoof-Knife Vise for Sharpening Your Blades" on page 20.

Gain more insight into the versatility of hoof pads for sole protection.

Supplement  to "The Ins and Outs of Hoof Pads" on page 24.