This page lists material that supplements the March 2019 issue of American Farriers Journal.

Shoeing For A Living

(Supplement to "Building Upon A Strong Foundation" on page 26.)

Jacob Butler

(Supplement to "Correct or Mintain" on page 36.)

Ground Surfaces

(Supplement to "How Ground Surfaces Influence Performance" on page 40.)

Halls Of Fame

(Supplement to "6 Honored for  Lifetime Hoof-Car" on page 52.)

Stefan Wehrli

(Supplement to "Step-By-Step System for Using Radiographs to Plan Shoeing" on page 60.)

Mail-In Forging Exercise

(Supplement to "Summit Concave Challenge Won by World Champion" on page 64.)

Ken Mankel 

(Supplement to "BEWARE: Radiographs Can Lie To You" on page 66.)


(Supplement to "Reading a Horse and its Owner" on page 72.)

Club Foot

(Supplement to "Shoeing Options for Club Feet" on page 82.)

Wealth Management and Insurance

(Supplement to "Avoid These 3 Common Insurance Mistakes" on page 82.)

Lee liles

(Supplement to "Horseshoeing Museum Finds a New Home" on page 85.)