This page lists material that supplements the January/February 2020 issue of American Farriers Journal.

 Insight On Improving Your Farrier Business

(Supplement to "Transform Your Hoof-Care  Business in 4 Easy Steps" on page 10.)

Billy Crothers

  • Watch Billy Crothers build front and hind concave shoes. 

(Supplement to "Gain Confidence and Practical Forging Skills Using Concave" on page 18.)

Gary Faulkner’s practice in 1992

  • Gain more insight about Gary Faulkner’s practice in 1992 by reading “Your Image and Work is What Counts!” – Coming Soon

(Supplement to "Find Success in Change" on page 26.)

2020 IHCS Rountables

Gain more insight on the Hoof-Care Roundtable topics by:

(Supplement to "Footcare Practitioners Share a Passion-Driven Education" on page 30.)

2020 Hall of Fame Induction

(Supplement to "7 Honored for Lifetime Hoof-Care Accomplishments" on page 34)

Hoof Infections

(Supplement to "Understanding Hoof Infections" on page 44.)

Mismatched Feet

  •  Coming Soon

(Supplement to "Thoughts on Managing a High-Low Horse" on page 48)

2020 Summit Mail-In Forging Exercise

(Supplement to "Summit Mail-In Challenge Winner" on page 54)


  • Learn more about this project and the shoe selection. – Coming Soon
  • Read some observations regarding shoeing performance horses that was shared at the 2019 American Association of Equine Professionals Convention. – Coming Soon

(Supplement to "Is Cryotherapy an Effective Analgesic for Lame Horses?" on page 56)

2019 Rising Shoeing Star

(Supplement to "Recognizing the Footcare Leaders of Tomorrow" on page 59)