Pro-Glu A9020 is a fast-setting MMA (acrylic) that can remain open for 90 seconds at 68 degrees. It can be mixed with other substrates (i.e., fiberglass chop). It is ideal for reinforcing sole, patching quarter cracks, direct gluing steel and aluminum and for use with cloth or urethane cuffed glue-on shoes. A9020 comes in a 400 milliliter co-axial cartridge.

Pro-Glu U6020 is a urethane adhesive that was developed for use with urethane cuff shoes. It is also an excellent adhesive to use directly onto the sole to increase sole depth. U6020 has an open time of 60 seconds at 68 degrees and cures to 70 Shore D. U6020 comes in a 200 milliliter side-by-side cartridge (400 millimeters total).

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